Live Healthier & Happier!

Essential oils are powerful!  

We're here to help you learn how to use them to create greater health.

It's time to live better!

I believe we have the power within us to create a new path.  
Who knew the year 2020 would be the one where literally the whole world gets to "choose a new path".   
We woke up one day and everything changed.  How we act and react is a choice, and our decisions create our future.   

Live Empowered

It is my purpose and pleasure to help people become empowered consumers of pure products that give them the opportunity to create better wellbeing and live in a less toxic environment.  I very intentionally and carefully chose to become a part of the doTERRA family.  The integrity, mission, vision, and values align perfectly with who I am and what I am striving to do with my clients and colleagues around the globe.  

We are a Global Family

Growers - Distillers - Scientists - Wellness Advocates - Practitioners - Customers

The strength of doTERRA is more than our commitment to pursue the purest oils in the world.  Our strength is our commitment to you and every other individual in our global family, because we all deserve to feel empowered and strong.

Expand What's Possible

With pure essential oils, and a more natural lifestyle, we can experience 

greater health and wellness than ever before all while 

making a major positive difference in the world.

Learn more about Pure Essential Oil and Supporting Your Health and Home
Wellness Supplements  -  Stress/Sleep/Anxiety  -  Pain/Inflammation
Immune Support  -  Skin Care Products  -  Bath/Personal Care Products
Creating a Toxin-Free Home for the WHOLE Family!
LIVE the Lifestyle

doTERRA’s Wellness Lifestyle is a combination of lifestyle and healthcare. When lifestyle is the focus, health is naturally achieved and maintained. Your daily habits make all the difference. As you live these principles and use doTERRA’s powerful products, you experience new levels of wholeness.

share the lifestyle

Share how your journey began and help others become empowered to enhance life with doTERRA’s powerful products, so they can also experience new levels of wholeness.


If your purpose, is to help others, then building a business with  doTERRA may be a great option for you!  The support for those of us who find joy in providing education and opportunity not only to those at home, but literally around the world, is amazing. 

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These beautiful, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade products are a natural way to heal your body and help you transform how you look, feel, and live.   

As a Wellness Advocate and Certified Essential Oil Specialist, I look forward to guiding you on your oil journey!