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BE Present  -  DREAM Big  -  DO What Feeds Your Soul

Live Life Beautifully

Offering a range of services to help people discover and live their life purpose, find happiness, forgive themselves and others, live with passion, tell their story, create goals to fulfill dreams, and wake up every day saying "TODAY, I GET TO", - instead of "today I have to". 

Flexibility is key in making each day special in some way, especially if we are able to make someone else's day better along the way.  Change is difficult and can feel like you are trying to climb a mountain backwards. Stress is a "real thing" and if you didn't know that before, you probably know it now. 

I encourage you to embrace opportunities for growth, especially during challenging times, and you may come out stronger than you were before.

I may be the right guide for you, whether you are considering a career change, starting a business, post-career "what's next" planning, taking charge of your health and wellness, or figuring out "what is next".

New Career

Are you looking for new career prospects, professional and personal growth opportunities?

Dig deep and create goals to get that dream career i your desired field.

Start a Business

Is freedom, flexibility, and financial opportunity something you desire?

Discover your life purpose, refine your calling, do what brings you joy and make your mark on the world.

Give back - Volunteer

Seeking fulfillment in "retirement" or your spare time?

Tap into your life purpose, your dreams, and explore opportunitiesto use your time and gifts to feed your soul and change lives.

transformational expereinces

The goal of my life coaching guidance is to provide encouragement and support to people who are committed to self-discovery and positive change.  Events are intentionally designed to provide a safe space for participants to experience nature, delicious fresh food, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, vision boarding, and relaxation.  When we are present in the moment, dreaming big and setting actionable goals, we are able to do feed our soul.  Live life beautifully and according to your purpose.  

Due to COVID there are no "in-person" life coaching events currently planned. 
Please check back or contact me by filling out the contact link below or call me at:  616.365.5544


Half/Whole Day experiences vary by topic and location.  Facilitated by leaders focused on areas such as "dreamscaping" (vision-boarding), healthy habits, goal setting, and life-purpose discovery.


Retreats include a variety of topics to give the participants an opportunity to reach deeper levels in accomplishing life-journey goals, as well as connect closely with participants and leaders.


Designed to allow you sto start living your new journey!  This is an opportunity to have time away from your everyday life to focus on new routines and reach goals that will encourage you to live it out more confidently.  

Private Coaching

Together, we will develop your journey road map that will include the elements you need to succeed.

Tap into your power to attain your desired goals.  I provide tools, guidance and support as you build your new road map to living your best life.
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Living Mindfully
  • Gratitude and Positivity
  • Understanding Emotions & Coping Mechanisms
  • Defining Beliefs & Living Your Truth
  • Overcoming Fear & Creating Change
  • Finding Passion & Purpose

Life Coach Consult
If you are ready to discover your "next" and committed to action, let's talk!  Find joy in your life journey and do what feeds your soul!
New Career
Start a Business
Share Time & Talent